Defense for De Fence – Preventing Your Dog from Digging Underneath

Dogs, Digging and Fences

When it comes to our dogs, most of us want to let them play outside, but we need an enclosed space for them to frolic where we know they won’t run off after a squirrel or neighbor’s cat. That’s why a sturdy fence is so essential to keeping our dogs within our own yards. Unfortunately, dogs like to try and escape, and they often make their attempt by digging under the fence. Fortunately, there are many ways you can keep your dog and your fence safe and sound. Here are a few tips to deter your dog from digging beneath your fence.

Dogs, Digging and FencesBuild a Barrier Underground

One of the best ways to keep your dog from digging and getting underneath your fence is to create a barrier underground that will stop him from reaching the other side. The Humane Society recommends solving the problem by burying a length of chicken wire along the base of the fence. Roll the sharp edge outward so that your dog doesn’t accidentally get hurt, but installing this barrier will prevent your dog from making their great escape beneath your fence.

Get an Invisible Fence

Installing an invisible fence is an excellent way to keep your dog from escaping the yard, as well, suggests Remove and Replace. Many modern options won’t require that you dig to install it, either. You can simply hang the wires for the invisible fence system, add the power and put the collar on your dog and let it do its job. If the dog gets too close, a small shock will make them uncomfortable and deter them from going too close again. These fences don’t hurt your dog; they only make them uncomfortable and help teach them boundaries. Be careful, though, using these systems with a chain link or metal fence due to the electrical current.

Creative Landscaping

If you want to keep your dog from getting dig-happy, you don’t necessarily have to depend on heavy duty hardware. Instead, you can simply landscape your way out of the problem, suggests the blog Notes from a Dog Walker. Choose some thick, dense shrubs or bushes to plant along the edge of your fence that will provide both a good look and a sturdy growth. With plants in the way, your dog will be less likely to try and dig along the edge of the fence. Don’t just trust that your shrubs will do the job; check in periodically to make sure that your dog hasn’t bulldozed through your hard work.

Bring the Heat

Looking for an even simpler option? How about hot pepper powder? Remove and Replace also says that by sprinkling a bit of extra-spicy capsicum pepper powder along the edges of the fence where you’ve noticed your pup digging you can deter them from going back. The pepper won’t last for long, especially if it rains or snows, so you may need to reapply it every few weeks, but once your dog is deterred you probably won’t need to worry about your dog trying to escape again.

It All Starts With a Solid Fence

Of course, without a fence at all, there’s nothing keeping your dog contained in the first place. At All Around Fence, we have a number of residential fencing options available in a variety of sizes and styles that can not only provide an enclosed space for your pup, but also elevate the appearance of your home. So whether you choose chain link, ornamental, vinyl or wood, your first choice should be to shop at All Around Fence. Stop in and see us in Uniontown, Pennsylvania today or give us a call at 724-439-0331.