General Etiquette to Consider When Installing a Fence on Your Property

Fence Etiquette

Have you ever thought about general fence etiquette? Think about it this way: you’re not the only person looking at that fence. Over time, several others will likely see it, including neighbors.

Property Lines

When putting up a fence where there are neighbors involved, make sure your property lines are defined in such a way that you’re putting the fence up on your property rather than theirs. You can refer to a “plat” drawing that maps out the land showing boundaries for such information. If you don’t already have a plat for your property, check with your local municipality. It’s also a good idea to stake out the line(s) where fencing will go before it’s installed, which not only reminds you where it’ll be, but also indicates to neighbors and the installers where it’ll actually go.


Should you talk with your neighbor before erecting a fence that they’ll see everyday? Yes, you should consider doing it– it’s the polite thing to do. Ask anyone who has had a neighbor put up a fence between their yards without letting them know first and you’re going to find there’s some animosity there! By the way, what if your neighbor has/had been thinking about putting up a fence, too? Perhaps you could tackle the fencing issue together, sharing the cost and such.

Rule of Thumb

As for fence etiquette, the rule is this: face the finished side of the fence toward your neighbor’s property. The finished side is the “good side” that looks smoother, more polished, and prettier… it’s the side with rails and posts showing. If you care about how both sides of the fence look, you can get fencing that’s identical on both sides– these are aptly named “good neighbor fences.”


Finally, the best thing you can do once a fence is up is to maintain it. That means keeping it clean, painting it to look uniform and nice if and when it has faded, and repairing any cracks/missing pieces. Note: wooden fences typically require more maintenance than vinyl or aluminum ones.

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