Here’s Why You Should Consider Using Vinyl Coating for Your Chain Linked Fence

Vinyl Coating Chain Linked Fences

When you’re thinking about acquiring new fencing for your property you should consider using a vinyl-coated chain link fence available from All Around Fence.

What are some of the benefits of vinyl-coated chain link fences?

Affordable and Secure

First, this kind of fencing is both affordable and secure. Available in a wide range of colors, including brown, black and green, vinyl-coated chain link fences can either blend in with their surroundings so they don’t look too out of place (choose the black color version which “disappears” into the surrounding landscaping)… or they can, in their own way, be used for ornamental purposes, highlighting certain areas of a yard that you want to stand out from the rest. So, essentially, they’re versatile. It’s no wonder that since they were introduced on the market that they have become one of the most popular fencing options today!


Next, continuing with the versatility benefit, vinyl-coated chain link fencing is readily available and ubiquitous. It can be used in a variety of situations. For instance, you’re likely to find this sort of fencing around tennis courts, swimming pools and/or gardens. You’ll also find this fencing at stadiums, schools, senior homes, golf courses, dog kennels, playgrounds, daycare centers, zoos, and malls. Vinyl-coated chain link fencing ultimately increases the value of a property while adding to its overall security.

Did you know vinyl-coated chain link fencing generally comes in two kinds? There’s bonded and extruded versions. If you’re looking for the cheaper option, choose extruded, which is made of the kind of vinyl that can be peeled off once cut with a knife, should you want to do that for whatever reason.

Visual Appeal

Finally, consider getting a vinyl-coated chain link fence in black– the trendiest color. Get it with a warranty that’ll last 10 to 15 years. Bonus: consider adding on privacy slats, which can be added to chain link fencing to create a privacy fence.

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