How to Extend the Life Of Your Farm Fence

A barbed wire farm fence.

What are some tips for extending the life of a farm fence?

Routine Maintenance

Obviously, maintenance and caring for the fence are important… too often, farmers neglect their fencing all-together, and then wonder why it’s no longer functioning as intended. Just like farmers take time to tend to their animals and crops, every farmer with a fence should set aside a day or two a season to address any issues with their fence(s).

Stretched Wires

How about fence wires? With the weather changing from season to season, you’re going to get loose wires now and then. If you want to keep them properly stretched, it’s a good idea to put several small kinks (or creases) in the wire. Use pliers, a hammer and/or a special tool to do this. If you’ve got wire tighteners on the fence, you should check them twice a year and splice any broken wires when needed. As for woven or barbed wire fences– you can restore them by running an electric wire on one or both sides of the fence. That’ll help contain livestock.

Clear of Weeds

How about weeds? You want to keep the area around the fence clear of weeds as best you can. This could involve applying herbicides and/or doing a manual clearing yourself every so often. You want to get rid of weeds and vines. Did you know that grass/weeds can ground out an electrified fence rendering it ineffective? Use a fence tester on your electrified fence to make sure it’s still working every couple weeks.

Proper Repairs

How about repairs and supplies? You should keep a stock of fencing supplies in your workshop– things like nails, staples, and tools, as well as gloves… This way, if and when you need to make small repairs, you know exactly where to go to find the stuff you need to make those repairs.

Speaking of repairs, if you notice your anchor post assemblies showing any signs of weakness, you’ll want to repair or replace them– a fence is no good without proper anchoring.

If your current farm fence is failing you and it’s time for a brand new one, don’t hesitate to call All Around Fence Co. at 800-349-0331 or email You can also check this page for more info.