Prep Your Fence For Winter Weather

snow covered fence

As the weather grows cooler here in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, we have begun to unpack our cozy sweaters and holiday decorations from storage. The changing leaves and gusty winds have also led us to look outside our windows and into our yards. From cleaning the gutters to raking the leaves there is plenty to do before winter arrives. For families with fenced in yards, pay your fence a bit of extra attention this season to ensure it remains in good shape throughout the heaviest of snowfalls.

Check for Signs of Damage

As you are doing your fall cleaning, take a few minutes to walk the perimeter of your fence, looking for caved in boards, wobbly posts and gates that do not close properly. These are all signs of rot, which will grow worse as snow settles on your fencing. We recommend repairing damaged wood and rusty latches or having a new fence put up if damage is extensive. Especially for families with pets, a secure and enclosed backyard is a necessity. No one wants to be searching for the lost dog that slipped through the hole in the fence in the middle of a snow storm!

Apply Waterproofing

For wood fences that are not showing signs of rot, consider testing the waterproofing to keep everything in top condition. Perform a splash test, splashing water on the fence to see how it reacts. The water will either bead up on the fence’s surface or absorb into it, causing the wood to darken. If your fence absorbs the wood, it is time to put on another coat of sealant. This will protect your wood fence from rot throughout the cold, wet winter to come. If the water beads up, your waterproofing is still intact and you are good until your next check during spring cleaning.

Keep Leaves and Snow Away

As you are raking up leaves this fall, it is important to avoid placing piles against your fence. Fallen leaves collect a lot of moisture, which can cause algae to form and rot to begin on your fence. Rake your leaves right to the curb or create a pile away from your fence as you continue your fall yard work.

Especially during heavy snowfall, make time to brush the snow off of your fence. This cold, wet slush will put your fence at risk of rotting and enough of it can cause a collapse.

Caring for your fence this fall will ensure its health throughout the cold winter months to come. Whether you are looking to put up a new fence or perform repairs, contact All Around Fence online or by calling 724-439-0331.