What Type of Fence Do I Need for My Animals?

Animal Fences

If you have livestock on your property there’s a good chance you don’t want them to wander away, right? Thank goodness, then, for fences, which keep animals contained in suitable spaces.

Best Fences Sheep and Goats

Do you have sheep and/or goats? If so, then you’d want a decent fence around the perimeter of your property. The fence should keep your animals in and others– predators– out, so they don’t get to your animals! Typically, then, the fence should be electrically-charged. Sheep’s wool insulates them from electric shock, by the way.

With sheep and goats, because they’re short, keep wires close to the ground at the fence. Clear out vegetation there, too. The electrical shock can be limited, and some property owners have found specialized electrified netting materials to work especially well for maintaining order among livestock and predators.

Best Fences For Horses

How about horses? They move fast and they’re big. They need a tall and visible fence. You don’t want them becoming entangled in wire and you have to keep in mind they’re sensitive to electric shock. Oftentimes, property owners will use electrified tape instead of polywire with their fencing– it’s best to talk to a fence expert who is familiar with horses when choosing the right kind of fence to keep these majestic animals contained in a safe way.

Best Cattle Fences

As for cattle, if you’ve got young bulls then you’re going to need strong, electrified fencing because they’ve got more energy than older cattle and they will test the limits. Polywire often works well for cattle. Because they’re larger than sheep, for example, the wires don’t need to be too low to the ground.

Other animals which may require fencing include llamas, pigs, chickens and rabbits.

With livestock, you want to keep them contained in a safe and efficient way. Fencing allows areas to be sectioned off, which can be particularly helpful when you don’t want certain animals to be in mixed company. There are a wide variety of fencing options available today.

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