Commercial Fencing & Gates Choices

CHAIN LINK fence is most commonly used to provide security in a commercial setting with fence heights available in 6’, 7’, 8’, 10’ and 12’ with or without three strands of barbwire atop the fence. Razor ribbon can be added to the top of a fence for extreme security.

SLIDE GATES in aluminum, galvanized pipe or ornamental steel with electric gate operators can limit and control access to a site.

WALK OR MAN GATES with panic bar hardware provide a safe escape in hazardous site enclosures.

PRIVACY SLATS added to a chain link fence can shield the view to a site. They are commonly used on garbage dumpster areas.

ORNAMENTAL FENCE in either aluminum or steel in 6’,7’ or 8’ heights provide classic styling with security.

VINYL (PVC) FENCE available in 6’and 8’ heights can provide privacy and security.

BOLLARD POST with colorful PVC covers can protect buildings and sensitive equipment from vehicle interference.

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