Farm Products & Equipment

We are pleased to handle quality products from the following manufacturers:


A leader in livestock handling equipment, Priefert Ranch Equipment offers equipment manufactured in their Mt. Pleasant, Texas facility. We are proud to be a stocking dealer of their many products.

Priefert Creep Finder

Creep Feeder

Squeeze Chutes

Squeeze Chutes

Squeeze Chutes

Squeeze Chutes

New 135 Degree Sweep Systems

Visit our showroom to see:

  • Headgates and Squeeze Chutes
  • Sweep Systems Open & Solid
  • Corral Panels
  • Round Pens
  • Round Bale Feeders
  • Creep Feeders
  • Farm Gates
  • Horse Stalls
farm-5 farm-4


A world leader in weighing livestock, Tru-Test Livestock scale systems offer an extension selection
of weighing options from 4-H projects to large breeding operations requiring extensive record
keeping management capabilities.
We stock a portable system consisting of the EziWeigh5 Indicator, MP600 Loadbars(capacity of 4,400
lbs). and AP600 Aluminum Platform.


Automatic livestock watering systems for beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, goats and hogs offers a
reliable water source for livestock all year around and in the harshest climates. Heating units keep the
water flowing in winter, no more breaking up the ice. Stop in our showroom and see the many models
on display.

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Hot dipped galvanized sheep and goat equipment from feeders, pens, show stands, handling systems,
scale systems and work stations; this equipment is affordable and long lasting. See a sample of these products in our showroom.


We also carry:

  • DAC Horse Supplements
  • Healthy Hair Care Horse Grooming Products
  • Variety of Horse and Dog Treats
  • Horse Halters, Lead & Lunge Lines
  • Fly Control Products
  • Vetericyn, Banix, Sore No More, Vetrap
  • Buckets, Feed Pans & Hay Racks
  • Muck Buckets, Manure Forks
  • Salt Blocks
  • Nutrena Livestock and Pet Feeds
  • Chicken Pens and Feeders
  • VetGun – An Insecticide Delivery System for Cattle
farm-9 farm-10 farm-11 farm-12VetGun CO2 gun