Avoid These Fencing Mistakes On Your Property

Fence Installation Mistakes

What are some common fencing mistakes?

Gates in the Wrong Locations

One of the most common fencing mistakes is placing gates in the wrong locations. For instance, many people have discovered after a storm that the place where they placed one of their gates is full of watery mud. Other times, they’ll realize they put a gate in a spot that’s inconveniently located to the point where they have to walk around more than they wanted to in order to get where they’re going, such as their barn. In general, before installing a fence, pay lots of attention to where gates would make the most sense. Consider what they’d be used for, and how close or far they’d be from other places. It can get expensive if you have to move a gate!

Posts to Far Apart

Another common mistake is when people decide to space their posts a little farther apart than they should be spaced. If this happens, animals will find weak spots and try to escape.

Unanchored Posts

What about unsecured anchor/corner posts? Keep in mind they bear pressure. If they’re not properly secured to the ground then a fence could cave in. Make sure your anchor/corner posts are properly braced. Consider using steel pipe set in concrete for corner posts.

Digging too Deep

Sometimes people forget to check for underground utilities such as cables and pipes. Then when they dig to put a fence in, problems occur. You don’t want to hit your water pipes, right? It’s best to have utility companies come by your property and mark their lines before you install fencing.

Property Lines

Speaking of lines, property lines matter. Imagine putting in a fence only to have your neighbor complain and take you to court over the fence being on his or her property– what a headache! Check your records for property lines and have a surveyor come out and measure if you’re not sure where you property ends and someone else’s property begins.


Finally, a common mistake to avoid with fencing is choosing the wrong kind. For instance, if you’re trying to corral animals like goats and you get a fence that’s not tall enough, then why bother even having the fence if goats can jump over it? If you’re trying to keep pests out of your garden, make sure the fence does exactly that. Research fencing options and choose the right fence for whatever purpose you have in mind.

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