Ice Melt at All Around Fence

A few weeks ago, we had a busy season here at All Around Fence – ice melt season. Ice melt and rock salt are regular inventory items. We also carry a supply of pet friendly ice melt.

It is often a product that sells in higher quantities when the weather is bad which brings out the grumbly in folks. However, we have found that our lower price on the product does soften the blow of the lousy weather. And we have seen how readily a bag of rock salt fits into a dog food container which keeps it from absorbing moisture.

Many people over the years have expressed their surprise at the products we carry. As a Fence Company and Priefert distributor, we have built relationships with all kinds of people across southwestern Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland around fence, animal feed, and large animal equipment. Many of our customers are regulars this time of year once they learn we carry ice melt.

It is always good to see our customers, take time to catch up, and grumble together about the lousy weather, all while a vehicle is loaded with a few bags of ice melt. There’s just something priceless about grumbling over the weather, steering clear of a big box store, getting a good price, and having your vehicle loaded.

We are grateful to our customers and certainly grateful we carry ice melt. However, that season of snow and ice is old. Spring can’t get here fast enough which will bring on a different type of busy season for us – fence and show animal equipment.