Develop a Grooming Routine for your Horse

woman grooming her horse

Here at All Around Fence there is more to our shop than just fencing supplies. Our Uniontown, Pennsylvania store also sell a wide range of farm products and equipment to keep your home in top shape and your animals happy. From buckets to feed pans and hay racks, we have a variety of horse supplies, including Healthy Hair Care grooming products. Grooming is an important part of caring for your horse, providing both you and your horse a chance to grow comfortable with each other. Regular grooming will also help you spot injuries and changes in your horse’s physique. Follow our tips to a good grooming session and a shiny coat!

Start with the Hooves

Start by cleaning your horse’s hooves. Check over their legs for lumps and scrapes and watch for loose or missing shoes. Use a hoof pick to clean out mud and dirt. By beginning with the hooves, you will be able to tell right away if your horse needs extra care or attention before riding.

Currying & Brushing

Use a curry brush next, starting at the upper neck and traveling towards the tail in a circular motion. Currying helps to loosen dirt and shedding hair from your horse’s coat, while spreading natural oils. Many horses enjoy the massaging feeling of the curry and will have certain spots they especially love to have brushed.

Follow up with a stiff-bristled body brush, using a firm, flicking motion. Avoid brushing sensitive areas of your horse with these brushed, including the face and belly area. To clean and smooth the sensitive and tough-to-reach areas, try a soft brush.

Brushing creates a shiny and healthy looking coat and keeps your horse clean and comfortable before riding.

The Mane and Tail

Finish up by carefully detangling the hairs of your horse’s mane and tail. Some people prefer to finger comb this hair, but a wide-toothed comb can make the process easier.

Grooming your horse is a relaxing daily routine that keeps their coat clean and healthy for a comfortable ride. It is also a great way to bond with your horse and check their overall health.

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