How to Keep Your Fence in Tiptop Shape

Fence Maintenance

Take a look around at people’s fences and you’re likely to see some of them looking great while others look a bit shabby. Why are some fences in great shape even years after they were installed? Most likely, it’s because their owners took the time to show them some “TLC,” giving them regular care and maintenance to ensure their longevity and good looks.

There are different types of fences, and all of them benefit from someone taking the time every now and then to look them over and clean anything that needs cleaning before it gets out of hand. Also, some “cosmetic” fixes help, too, in order to make the fence look nice even after weather and such have taken a toll.

For wrought iron fences, look to see if you find any rust forming. Use a fine wire brush to remove it before it spreads. You can also use an oil-based primer on wrought iron to refresh the look, making it “like new” and “shiny.” Furthermore, it’s a smart idea to take soap and hot water every six months or so and wash the fence down. By removing dirt, dust, pollen and bird droppings from the fence, you’re helping preserve it.

With iron fences, it’s recommended to use a handheld “rotary tool” with a stainless steel or abrasive brush in order to remove any rust. As for removing dirt, use a damp cloth with mineral spirits to wipe it down. Iron fences can be painted with metal paint. First apply a metal primer and then apply the metal paint. In some cases, two coats are needed.

Got a chain-link fence in your yard? The easiest way to clean this kind of fence is to use a power washer to spray it down. Once a year, it’s a good idea to use a rust inhibiting agent and/or a metal primer on the fence to hold rust at bay. For those who don’t have access to a power washer, there’s always a good old fashioned stiff bristle brush that can be used with warm water and soap to scrub chain-link fences clean.

If you have questions about cleaning, painting or maintaining your particular type of fence, contact All Around Fence today.