How to Plan the Installation of a Farm Fence

If you’re thinking of having All Around Fence add or replace a farm fence, what are some things to consider?

Fences, as you know, divide and protect property. They’re typically used on farms to also confine or exclude animals. If you plan to have a permanent fence on your property, it makes sense to spend the money and get top quality that will last a long time and meet your needs.

Map it Out

First, make a map of your current farm. It might help to utilize an aerial photograph that can be done by drone and/or Google maps. You might also want to obtain a map from the Farm Service Agency or your local tax office. Or, if needed, get a commercial aerial survey firm to make your map. With regards to the map, figure out what you use certain parts of your land for, and think about traffic patterns. Where do you want the fence to go, ideally? Will it fit there, and make sense there, in relation to things around it? Consider land capabilities– where are your areas of permanent pasture versus woodlands you don’t want pastured?

Find the Right Terraces

In general, it makes sense to place fences in terraced fields at terrace’s crest. Also, fences make sense in relation to natural water divides. A rule of thumb is to not have fencing run down-slope across terraces. Oh, and wherever possible you should choose to have straight fences, because straight fences are easiest and cheapest to build.

Easy to Direct Traffic

Think of your fencing as setting up a little city with lanes and gates to direct traffic. You’ll want to make permanent lanes where you’ll avoid erosion (and deep puddles), while also making the lanes accessible to as many fields as possible. Pick the dry areas for lanes– they’ll need to stand up to repeated use over time. If you have to, grade the lane areas and/or add gravel. As for gates, place them in the corner(s) closest to farm buildings– that’s the practical thing to do. And if you have animals that need to cross the road from one fenced area to another, locate gates directly across from one another to control the traffic flow in a streamlined, smart way.

Share your farm map with us at All Around Fence. We’re happy to help you make your plans and then figure out the type of fencing needed and all the details that go with choosing and installing your farm fence. Please contact All Around Fence at 800-349-0331 to start planning your farm fence today.