Safety Precautions to Take When Building a Dog Fence

How to Safely Build a Dog Fence

For many dog owners, having a fenced-in backyard is ideal for both you and your pup. A fence provides your dog with plenty of room to roam freely, and it keeps him or her enclosed in a safe environment. Even though your pet is confined to one area, it doesn’t mean their curiosity won’t lead them to exploring what’s on the other side of the fence. Here are a few preventative tips for dog proofing your fence.

Keep the Size of Your Dog in Mind

If you own a large dog, you should keep in mind the height of your fence. Having a lower rising fence can increase the likelihood of your dog climbing or attempting to jump over the fence. Usually, the suggested fence height for dog owners is six to eight feet. Having a higher fence can deter a dog from attempting to jump or climb over it.

Remove Climbing Aids

It’s no surprise that dogs have an instinct for climbing and exploring. As such, be sure to remove all climbing aids located near the fence like buckets, planters, or anything else your dog can climb onto besides the fence. You can also opt for installing a fence with a smooth surface. The surface will make it harder for your dog to grip onto the panels. As extra protection, you can add greenery as a barrier between your fence and your dog. The extra greenery makes it difficult for your dog to jump or dig, and it helps him or her avoid distractions on the other side of the fence.

Add a Gravel Barrier

If you have a dog that digs, you can put down a gravel barrier at the base of the fence to discourage your dog from digging under it. As dogs dig, they may try to gnaw at the bottom of your fence and cause damage. Another way to prevent damage to the base of your fence is you can install a fence that extends below ground level. This extra step will require you to dig a small trench, which may increase the overall cost of your fence. However, it may be a safer option for both you and your dog.

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