Tag: Types of Farm Fences

A Lasting Fix: Fixed Knot Fences a Great Farm Option

Are you a farmer looking to replace fencing around your property or add a new fenced-in area with one of the strongest, most durable types of fencing on the market? If so, All Around Fence has an excellent option for you. Fixed knot fencing is a type of woven wire fencing that is preferred by… Read more »

Picking a Fence – Different Options for Different Needs

What fence makes the most sense? Well, it depends on a number of factors. For example, what is the purpose of the fence? If it’s to protect a business, then you’ll want something different than someone who wants to keep the family dog in the back yard. The same is true for location. If you… Read more »

Planning for Farm Fencing

Setting up the fencing for your farm is an important venture. Proper fencing is a way to ensure your animals’ safety, your neighbors’ happiness and your sanity! There are many options when choosing fencing for your farm, including woven wire, electric and wood fences. The first thing to do after deciding to fence or re-fence… Read more »