The Benefits of Pressure Treated Pine Posts

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Pine wood is an inexpensive one that’s normally yellowish or whitish with brown knots. Over time, it develops a rustic patina and generally resists both shrinking and swelling. When you’re having a fence installed, consider using pressure-treated pine posts.

Pine does well with pressure treatment– it has a conducive cell structure which easily absorbs chemicals used in the pressure treatment process.

Wood that’s pressure treated is wood that has had chemicals added to it such that it becomes more resistant to insects and decay. In other words, it’ll last longer. Untreated pine in the elements might last for a year, while treated pine might give you a good thirty years of service– so obviously, pressure treatment is worth it.

Preparing pine wood for treatment involves kiln-drying it and cutting it to size. After the moisture is removed, it can be put into tanks where the chemicals do their job. Pressure-treated pine posts typically resist insects and decays for at least twenty years, and their price-per-post tends to range between $2 and $40, depending on the size, length and thickness of the fence.

Most fences are made of wood. People like the traditional look of wood, including pine. Pressure-treated pine posts may initially look greenish-yellow, which is a color scheme associated with the treatment process. Over time the greenish hue will fade, but if color is an issue, you can always paint your wood fence whatever color you want it to be.

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