Things to Know About Fence Heights

Fence Height

Fence heights matter, though it’s not a topic something most people think about, right? In general, different heights serve different purposes. Depending on the placement of a fence and who/what it’s keeping in or out, you might want a 3 foot tall one, or something taller, like 8 feet.

Local Rules

What about local rules and regulations? Most communities restrict how tall a property’s fence can be… for instance, even if you wanted to have one that’s 20 feet high, chances are it’s not allowed in your community. When buying a fence, you should check with your local government either in-person or online or by phone to ask about height restrictions for fencing… and if you live in a community where there is a homeowners’ association, check with the board and/or read the book of rules they gave you when you moved in. Typically, 6 to 8 feet is the maximum height for a backyard fence and 3 or 4 feet is used in front of a home. The reason front yard fences are generally shorter than backyard ones is because they can’t/shouldn’t block the sightlines of vehicles. If there’s a particularly tall fence on a corner, it essentially creates a blindspot at an intersection, putting people and pets in danger. That said, if it’s an “open fence” allowing for visibility, that might be okay (to be taller). Basically, fence height matters due to safety’s sake as well as aesthetics. People want fences to look like they belong– not to stand out as some sort of monstrosity.

Pool Fences

If a fence is going around a pool, it’s typically going to be 4 feet tall. If the fence is being used to keep out deer– deer who can jump– then it’s going to be 8 feet tall. When a fence is used for privacy purposes, so your neighbors can’t see into your yard, then it’s going to be between 6 and 8 feet tall. If you have pet dogs who run around outside, it makes sense to have a 4 to 6 foot tall fence (the larger the breed, the taller the fence).

Adding to a Current Fence

If you already have a fence and want to add on to it, in order to make it taller, consider adding a fence extension, also known as a topper. It’s usually a lattice or picket panel that can be affixed to the existing fence, adding about a foot in height to the overall structure.

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