Tips for Choosing a Fence Contractor

Fence Contractor Once you buy fencing then comes the next step– installing it. Some people do it themselves. Most, though, hire a fence contractor. Installing a fence can be hard work! What are some tips for choosing a fence contractor?


First, learn about the various fence contractors in your area by doing some online research. Call their phone numbers and see how the phone is answered– are they professional? After making some phone calls, check with the Better Business Bureau to see how they’re rated.

Watch Out for Red Flags

Next, if a contractor requires you to make an immediate decision about something, putting pressure on you, that’s a red flag. And if they insist on being paid in cash, be careful. Keep in mind that any professional contractor will give a written estimate for the services you’d like them to do– and if they won’t, avoid them.

While choosing a fence contractor, some key questions to ask include:

  • What’s your procedure for getting the work done?
  • Do you always stay within budget and get things done on time?
  • Is there a warranty on your work?

Ideally, you and your fencing contractor need to be on the same page so the fence goes exactly where you intend for it to go. With that in mind, you can’t be “shy.” You have to be explicit in expressing your wants and needs– contractors aren’t mind readers.


Finally, come up with a timeline for the work to be done and make your contractor stick to it. Otherwise, it becomes an endless job and you’ll be frustrated, wondering if/when it’ll ever be done. You can even “put it in writing” such that work has to be completed by a certain date or else they can be fired or forced to give you a discount that you agree upon ahead of time.

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