Tips for Cleaning Moss of a Wooden Fence

Cleaning Moss of a Wooden Fence

What is moss? It’s a small, flowerless green plant. Lacking true roots, it reproduces itself using spores and tends to grow in damp environments.

When you get moss growing on your wooden fence, how can you get it off?

How to Remove Moss From Your Fence

The easiest way to remove moss from a wooden fence is to just use plain water and a scrub brush. Scrub it off. Some people go a step further and get out their pressure washer. It’ll work, but be careful that it’s not too powerful or else it could damage the fence! Did you know that electric pressure washers generally do less damage than gas powered ones? Now you know. Ideally, if you’re going to use any pressure washer on your beloved fence, test it out in an inconspicuous area first. That way you’ll see how it works, and you can adjust the pressure/intensity as needed before taking on the whole fence.

Now if you use water and it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick you might have to add in some vinegar to the mix. Here’s what to do: take about a ½ cup of vinegar and add it to a gallon of water. Then apply this mixture to the stubborn moss area. Let it sit there, soaking in, for a good 15 minutes or so. After you’ve given it time to settle, then use your scrub brush and scrub/rinse it off. It should work. If you don’t have vinegar on hand, try using baking soda instead.

For the truly stubborn moss problems of a wooden fence– the kind that can’t be remedied by simple water or vinegar or baking soda– you might need to try a stronger solution such as the product “Simple Green.” Use this stuff as a last resort. Obviously, test it out first on a small patch to see how it performs. Moreover, remember to be careful with it around area plants and vegetation.

If you think your fence is “too far gone” with moss or other problems causing it to look neglected and unkempt, then consider seeing what All Around Fence has in stock to replace it. Use our online contact form for more information.