Tips for Installing an Electric Fence

Electric FencingWhether you live on a farm or in the suburbs, electric fences are very handy at helping to keep our animals on our property. Some defer to experts when getting them installed, but some decide to try and do it themselves. If you are the latter, here are some tips for installing your electric fence.

Ask the Experts

Handling the installation on your own means you won’t have expert help on-site, but it isn’t a bad idea to pick an expert’s brain for any tips they could give you. After all, the more you know before, the easier it’s potentially going to be during the project.

Stick with the Original

When it comes to your fence, do not alter the design or substitute parts. Even though you may think this would be harmless, it can end up damaging your system and voiding any warranty you may have on it. Keep with the original parts and plans and you won’t run into any trouble.

Don’t Mix Metals

It is never OK to hook up mixed metal wiring to a copper component. Keep your system to one metal only. Combining different components can lead to electrolysis, which causes parts to corrode and your systems shocking strength to be weaker than normal.

Not So Close

This goes for both your wires and fence posts. Make sure your fence posts are no less than 50 feet apart and the wires to be at least 5 feet apart. Any closer and the fence won’t work like it is supposed to or if an animal runs into the wire, it could result in broken insulators or knocked-over posts.

Always Use Caution

No matter what you do, don’t remove the caution sign from your electrical fence. They can be very hard to see at night and even sometimes during the day. Leaving the sign on the fence will help keep you and anyone else who stumbles across your fence from getting an unwanted shock.

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