Tips for Planning a Pool Fence Installation

Fence Installations Around Swimming Pools

If you have a pool, you might want to install a fence around it. That way, you control access to the pool, such that babies, kids, pets and/or random strangers can’t easily “get into the pool” when you don’t want them there.

Length Away From Water

Pool fencing should be installed a minimum of two feet from the water’s edge, and absolutely no closer than 20 inches from that edge. You’ve got to leave enough room for people to walk around safely inside the fenced area.


Fencing around pools is typically tension-based and must set into a rigid structure that’s at least four inches thick and six inches wide. Solid surfaces that fencing can be set into include concrete and paver stones. They should be level.

Pool Fence Layout

Even though most people like their fencing to go in a straight line, with pools that’s not usually the case. There are usually bends or gradual turns built into the fencing design, in order to go along with the curvature of the pool and/or deck. Obviously, with pool fencing you’ll want to avoid 90-degree turns, as well as awkward S-turns or U-turns.

Sturdy Support System

If and when fencing needs to go over grass or dirt, then concrete footings are installed every three feet or so in order to give the fence a sturdy support system. Meanwhile, wherever gates go they’ll need to be installed onto firm decking (such as concrete/paver stones).

Combination Fences

Sometimes people will combine fences in their pool areas. For instance, maybe there’s an existing property perimeter fence already in place. Typically, these fences are made of wood, wrought iron, stone, or aluminum. They should be at least five feet high.

Other Items to Note

Before you have a fence installed, make sure the surface is level. Account for any steps in the pool deck the fence might have to cross. Also notice if there are any sprinkler, gas or electrical lines buried in the path of the fence. And, most of all, make sure there’s no structure too close to the fence whereas a kid could use that structure to “hop the fence” and get into the pool when no one is watching them.

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