Tru-Test: ‘Weigh’ Above and Beyond the Competition

Weighing Livestock As a farmer, it is important to make sure all of your animals are healthy. One way to do this is by weighing them regularly on a scale. However, when it comes to your animals’ health, it is important to make sure you’re getting the right information from the scale to keep them in great condition. That’s why it might be time to switch to a Tru-Test Livestock Scale System.

There are numerous benefits to weighing your animals with a scale system from Tru-Test. First, it allows you to monitor the average daily gain and body condition of each individual animal in your livestock herd. It will also allow you to measure feed consumption and assess costs. With that information at your fingertips, you can easily notice if any of your animals needs treatment to get into a better condition and review the data to help identify what kind of problem you may be facing.

Weighing on the scale can also help you to identify poor performing animals early on which will allow you to make better breeding decisions in the future. Using the metrics offered through the Tru-Test system, you can get a better look at your overall animal population and use that information to turn a better profit and further grow your farming operation. So no matter what size you’re livestock operation may be or how many heads of cattle you may be looking to weigh, Tru-Test scale systems will help you get the job done.

At All Around Fence, we offer a portable system consisting of the EziWeigh5 Indicator that will read out the weight, MP600 load bars that will weight up to 4,400 pounds attached to the AP600 Aluminum Platform with rubber matted surface, perfect for any animal to stand upon for weighing.

If you are interested in purchasing a system of your own, there is currently a manufacturer’s rebate of $200 available until March 31, 2016. Don’t delay – order a Tru-Test Livestock Scale System now before you miss out on this deal.

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