What Should You Look For When Shopping for a Deer Fence?

Deer Fence

How high can a white-tailed deer jump? Technically, they can jump almost eight feet high! Now when it comes to jumping high and over a distance, they can only do about six feet high… so if you’re thinking of getting a deer fence, keep that statistic in mind. It’s also a good idea to slant your deer fence outward in order to keep them out of the area where you don’t want them.

Keep Deer Away From Shrubs and Plants

One of the main reasons people buy and utilize deer fencing is to keep deer away from their shrubs and perennials. Deer love to eat landscape plants. They also can carry ticks which can bear disease, like Lyme disease– and you don’t want ticks in your yard, right? Furthermore, those with pet dogs who need to do their business outside often utilize deer fencing to keep deer and other animals away from their dogs, while keeping dogs close to home and safely enclosed so they can’t run away.

Taller is Often Better

When looking for deer fencing, remember to think “tall.” Get one that’s at least six feet tall, or, better yet, eight feet tall. Typically, you’ll get a barrier-style fence made of metal or polypropylene mesh. Keep in mind that deer might try and push under fencing, so don’t leave a gap between the fencing and the ground. That said, do allow some slack, letting the slack spill over the ground in front of the fencing and pinning the fence to the ground in order to prevent deer from sneaking under it.

Tiny Openings

Since you want to keep deer out of your yard, you probably want to keep other critters and animals out, too. So, select a fence that has tiny openings that won’t allow them through.

As for durability, if you get metal, choose galvanized, and if you choose polypropylene, get UV-protected.

Metal costs a little more than polypropylene because it’s the more durable of the two. Both are fine choices, though. Polypropylene mesh is quite popular these days because of its affordable price and the fact that the mesh can look nearly invisible. When choosing polypropylene, select a grade with a breaking load of 800+ pounds or more– the stronger, the better.

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