Why Farmers Should Consider a Livestock Scale

Livestock Scales

Farming requires a significant investment in tools and equipment. One piece of equipment that you may consider investing in is a scale. These are a few reasons why farmers should have a livestock scale.

Agricultural operations need to make many decisions about livestock each year. Many of these decisions can only be made reliably with accurate information about the weight of each animal. A livestock scale provides an accurate, easy method of measuring animal weight.

Deciding when to wean young animals is best done with consideration of their body weight. A livestock scale allows you to carefully monitor weight gain to choose the best time to wean the animal.

Breeding decisions are also made easier with the use of a livestock scale. Animals that are at an ideal weight are more likely to produce healthy offspring. Monitoring animal weight makes it easier to decide which animals to breed.

Weight is an important indicator of an animal’s health. Routinely weighing each animal allows you to monitor overall health, but also provides an early indicator of an illness that may be resulting in weight loss. This early warning of a sick animal not only allows the animal to be treated in a timely manner, but may also prevent other animals from being infected as well.

Monitoring animal weight also allows you to optimize feed for the best performance. This strategy allows for realizing the best return on your investment in feed, and makes it easy to adjust feed when you need an animal to gain weight.

A livestock scale provides many benefits for farmers. The options for scales have never been greater, whether you need a simple, manual scale or an advanced, electronic scale. All Around Fence Co. stocks a variety of Tru-Test livestock scales  to meet the needs of any farm, including portable models that can be used anywhere. Contact us at 724-439-0331 to learn more about our livestock scales and other farm products.