Why Farmers Should Have a Reliable Fence in Place

Farm Fences

Fences have been an essential part of farming operations for many years. A fence may serve many different roles, but for farmers they are usually an integral part of doing business. These are a few reasons why farmers need a reliable fence.


The safety of animals if obviously a big concern for many farmers. A reliable fence works to keep animals where they are safe, and where they can be fed and watered. A fence also works to keep animals away from danger, whether that may be risky terrain or roads with motor vehicle traffic. In many situations, a good fence is helpful for keeping animals safe.

While animal safety may be the highest concern, animals that are lost, injured, or killed will have a detrimental effect on a farm’s bottom line. Reliable fencing is an investment that pays for itself by limiting or reducing animal loss.

Legal Liability

Liability is a concern in every industry, and farming is no exception. While some states offer more liability protection to farmers than others, liability from a stray animal is always a concern. An animal that escapes into a road and is involved in a traffic accident may expose the owners to liability. Similarly, an animal that escapes and then causes damage to a neighbor’s property or injures someone may also expose the farmer to liability. You probably carry liability insurance to protect your farm in a situation like this, but a reliable fence may help to avoid the problem from ever occurring.

Reliable fencing starts with the quality of materials. Ultimately, your fence will be only as good as the materials that you use to build it. All Around Fence has been proudly serving customers around Pennsylvania since 1978. We know what materials will work best for your fencing project. Contact us today at 724-439-0331 to learn more or to request a quote.