Why Ranchers Love 135 Degree Sweep Systems

135 Degree Sweep Systems

If you operate a ranch that has cattle on it, you should strongly consider installing 135 degree sweep systems. Regardless of whether you have 20 cattle, 200 cattle, or more, you could benefit from using 135 degree sweep systems on your farm. There are also 90 degree and 180 degree sweep systems available, but many cattle ranchers are finding that 135 degree sweep systems are the sweet spot. Check out the benefits of using them below.

Allows you to control your cattle and move them around easily

Many cattle ranchers use sweep systems to move their cattle around in the safest and most organized way possible. If you don’t use sweep systems, you’ll often find it difficult to get your cattle to move in the direction you need them to go. Sweep systems make it simple for you to manage your cattle while also maintaining their safety at all times.

Limits the amount of stress placed on your cattle

If you try to move cattle around on your ranch without relying on sweep systems, there’s a good chance that they’ll start to show signs of stress before long. Curving them around inside of your sweep systems will limit the stress that you put on the cattle and make your entire operation more efficient.

Eliminates the corner traps that come along with 180 degree sweep systems

For years now, many cattle ranchers have used 180 degree sweep systems when working with large numbers of cattle. However, one of the drawbacks of these systems is that they have a corner trap that often slows down the movement of cattle. You can eliminate these corner traps with 135 degree sweep systems and improve the flow of your cattle at the same time.

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