Why Woven Wire Fences Are a Great Option for Farmers

Woven Wire Farm Fence

Woven Wire Farm Fence When searching for fences to put up around their properties, farmers have no shortage of options. There are a wide range of fences that can be used on farms. Nevertheless, woven wire fences have turned into one of the most popular types of fences for farmers. Here are 3 reasons why farmers love woven wire fences so much.

They come in a wide range of different sizes.

Woven wire fences, which are also sometimes called box wire or non-climb fences, contain a system of vertical and horizontal wires that are woven together. These fences can have spaces in between the wires that are as big or as small as you want. You can also make woven wire fences as tall as you need them to be when you’re putting them together.

They can be used to contain any animals.

There are some farm fences that can only be used to contain certain types of animals. More often than not, wooden fences can contain animals like cows and horses but won’t put up much of a fight against smaller animals like rabbits. This won’t be an issue with woven wire fences. You can design them to keep something as small as a rabbit off your farmland. At the same time, you can also design them to be sturdy enough to prevent horses from busting through them and leaving your land.

They will stand the test of time thanks to their strength and durability.

Most of the farm fences that are available today are regarded as strong and durable. But you won’t find many that will outlast woven wire fences. Woven wire fences are made out of materials that will prove to be every bit as strong and durable as you need them to be. They’ll stand their ground for years to come and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon once you put them into place.

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