Why You Should Consider Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl Fencing for Animal Owners

It wasn’t until the 1980s that vinyl fencing became en vogue. Now it’s quite ubiquitous in neighborhoods across the country, and for good reasons.

What are some of the advantages of vinyl fencing over wood fencing? Well, vinyl is much stronger than wood. Sure, you think wood is strong, but eventually wood rots and can even fall apart. Wooden fences often break and end up collapsing over time, especially in areas where the weather is windy and stormy– like most of Pennsylvania, especially in the winter. Vinyl, however, stands up to bad weather well. FYI: Vinyl also does well in areas near salt water, which is why you see so many vinyl fences in oceanfront towns and villages from Maine to Florida.

The Benefits of Vinyl Fences For Animal Owners

With regard to animals, vinyl can’t be chewed. You’d be surprised how many horses and other critters like to chew wooden fences, but they don’t get that chance with vinyl. Meanwhile, vinyl isn’t as rough as wood, so if an animal attempts to run through a vinyl fence, it’s not going to hurt them as much as a wooden one would.

People often choose vinyl fences because they’re easy to install. While a professional could install them, many home and land owners choose to install vinyl fences themselves, saving some money. Sliding rails into posts and securing posts into the ground is very doable, even for people who don’t normally put up fences. Plus, vinyl fences, unlike their competitors, are relatively easy to remove if the need should arise down the line.

Vinyl really is an ideal fence material these days. Besides being non-toxic, vinyl is also easy to maintain. Termites can’t eat it. You don’t have to prime and paint it. Vinyl doesn’t lose its color over time. And it won’t rust. Best of all, vinyl fencing is cheaper than wood or iron fencing. It’s an economical, smart choice.

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