How Businesses Benefit From Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing

As a business owner, security is something that will always be at the forefront of your mind. Your mission should be to make your commercial property as safe as possible, while also make sure it’s visually appealing. One of the easiest ways to do this is by installing commercial fencing around your business. Fencing will… Read more »

General Etiquette to Consider When Installing a Fence on Your Property

Fence Etiquette

Have you ever thought about general fence etiquette? Think about it this way: you’re not the only person looking at that fence. Over time, several others will likely see it, including neighbors. Property Lines When putting up a fence where there are neighbors involved, make sure your property lines are defined in such a way… Read more »

Here’s Why You Should Consider Using Vinyl Coating for Your Chain Linked Fence

Vinyl Coating Chain Linked Fences

When you’re thinking about acquiring new fencing for your property you should consider using a vinyl-coated chain link fence available from All Around Fence. What are some of the benefits of vinyl-coated chain link fences? Affordable and Secure First, this kind of fencing is both affordable and secure. Available in a wide range of colors,… Read more »

Reasons to Choose Priefert Ranch Equipment

All Around Fence is proud to offer quality products from Priefert Ranch Equipment, including headgates, corral panels, creep feeders, farm gates and horse stalls. Did you know Priefert Ranch Equipment is an industry leader when it comes to livestock handling equipment? Meanwhile, their products are made in their Mt. Pleasant, Texas facility– so you’re getting… Read more »

How to Plan the Installation of a Farm Fence

If you’re thinking of having All Around Fence add or replace a farm fence, what are some things to consider? Fences, as you know, divide and protect property. They’re typically used on farms to also confine or exclude animals. If you plan to have a permanent fence on your property, it makes sense to spend… Read more »

The Benefits of Pressure Treated Pine Posts

Farm fencing installation near Uniontown PA by All Around Fencing

Pine wood is an inexpensive one that’s normally yellowish or whitish with brown knots. Over time, it develops a rustic patina and generally resists both shrinking and swelling. When you’re having a fence installed, consider using pressure-treated pine posts. Pine does well with pressure treatment– it has a conducive cell structure which easily absorbs chemicals… Read more »

The Benefits of a Pool Enclosure Fence

Pool Enclosure Fences

In Pennsylvania, where All Around Fence is located, it would be highly unlikely that an alligator would find its way into someone’s backyard pool. In Florida? It’s almost normal in certain places. In Pennsylvania? Not so much. That said, certain local critters might end up drinking from a pool or even taking a swim, if… Read more »

The Advantages of Creep Feeding Calves

Creep Feeders

Cow calf producers often creep feed their calves. Utilizing creep feeders– something All Around Fence sells— allows calves to access their creep feed full of nutrients while keeping older cows away. Why creep feed? The common management practice maximizes the calf’s growth at a rate closer to its genetic potential. In other words, it gives… Read more »

What Type of Fence Do I Need for My Animals?

Animal Fences

If you have livestock on your property there’s a good chance you don’t want them to wander away, right? Thank goodness, then, for fences, which keep animals contained in suitable spaces. Best Fences Sheep and Goats Do you have sheep and/or goats? If so, then you’d want a decent fence around the perimeter of your… Read more »